Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy newyear

Happy and prosperous New Year to all Entrepreneurs aspiring to kick their own startup. Lets hope 2006 is a very good year for all the Vc's and Entrepreneurs.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Startups : Rajesh Jain ,on his blog about Entrepreneurship

Good to hear that Rajesh Jain,has just completed 10 years as an entrepreneur in Mumbai, India. With 1 Hit, a few Flops, 1 Average. The Hit was IndiaWorld , India's first Internet portal which was launched in 1995, which was acquired by Sify in November 1999 for USD 115 million. He had also tried his hand unsuccefully with from 1992-1994 on: object/multimedia databases, image processing and some offshore software projects. The Average performer has been Netcore, a Linux-based messaging software company started in 1998. I also found the following quote of particular interest among his other articles on Entrepreneurship and life during the startup days.

E M E R G I C . o r g: TECH TALK: India Needs More Entrepreneurs: "First, salaries in India will rise faster than cost of living which would make it unattractive for employees working with the international majors to quit and create or join a start-up. Second, even the ones who are venturing out seem to be more focused on services than products. Third, the few in the products area seem content OEMing their creation to the market leaders rather than taking them on with full stacks. Finally, Indian companies lack vision to think big and global. I agreed with him on all four counts and added one of my own. It is well nigh impossible to do a tech, product-oriented start-up because angel and early-stage funding is simply not there."

Cheers to him ... and to his new ventures .

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Announcements : Hello , World!

This being the first post of the blog demands a little introduction to the initiative here at TheStartupBlog.I am Bhasker V Kode and along with two of my other colleagues ,who will be contributing to this weblog ;to track the proceedings of the startup and related information.

Among several ideas that we brainstormed - the project titled -"Smoked Chicken" , caught more serious momentum as we researched on the market feedback , attempts so far ,and areas for innovation in a segment in which three countries will have more than 200 million potential users in the world: India ,China , US; and the segment im talking bout is mobile and telephone users .

The Startup,has hence marked this as a strong area of growth ,and has assumed the following parameters for subsequent evolution:

  • We will not be a "do everything" services company-
    Preferably moving away from a multi vertical organisation towards a end-to-end single vertical specialisation.PS: the worlds biggest companies being Product based ones did cross our minds.
  • Scouting for individuals
    For the right individual ,stake in the company can be considered based on expertise and passion to join the management and operational team.
  • Talks dealing with Investment.
    From Venture Capitalists,Angel Investors , individuals ,incubators ,etc
  • Research
    We plan to invest heavily on research throughout.Hence our alpha and beta development phases ,deal with bleeding edge technology.
  • Want to Brainstorm?
    Do you want to discuss ideas for your venture,or someone you know planning to startup or prepare for Business plan competitions. We were helped by several people,and it is only fair that we repay others the same way. Contact us to brainstorm ideas or for our take on starting up .

I hope this gives a gist of what we are setting up here.We should be rolling out someitme in 2006 . For more queries, or ways to help out or work with us,do contact us .Rest assured ,all development and news regarding the startup and related issues can be accesssed here ,so keep in touch with this space.

For the team,
Bhasker V Kode

Blog Developement Comments
- Finalised on Blogger,and managed getting a decent title from blogger :P
-hacked a a small script for searching category wise posts since this feature almost provoked us from not going for blogger.
- Added a background from a candian surfer pics edited with Adobe CS2.
- Removed the title ,enlarged width,edited misc font and formatting in the CSS .
- Adding members .