Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just Thinking Aloud........

I saw my friend bhasker edit some of his files in his desktop, and then was pushing the files to his webserver hosted at godaddy. Then something struck me, if the person having this hosting account is given an online editor, that would make things very simple. And if that has versioning buit-in, that will be of great help to anyone using the service. But can such a tool be sold to the users seperately, as they already have a editor and versioning system in their desktops. But even if this tool could be sold to these service providers who already use tools like cpanel, the integration with these providers will require different specs. But those could be solved, and integrated smoothly. Now lets assume all the other problems are somehow solved.
Now to one of several important questions needs to get answered.
What will the features of this product be?
IDE based or a simple but powerful editor like, simple and easy to use with drag-drop interface.
How to update the product?
If the product needs updates then it has to be either pushed to the hosting service provider or pulled from our server, which has many integrations problems. The other alternative will be to host everything we need in our servers.

If we have a versioning system(optional) in place along with the editor. With the use of versioning system, there will be a need to store these versions which cant be stored in globally accessible site. It has to be stored in some other place, which could be hosted by us and we could charge the user based on subscription/space. If we are using the versioning space to sell, then we need not even charge the isp guys as this becomes a way for advertising and promoting the versioning service. In that case the whole business model changes, from a product to a hosting service.

Could this product be sold to corprates....
For corprates thier spend on IT and maintenance will get reduced, and their employees could access the site anywhere and do the development. For them we can give a appliance which takes care of everything. Updates and maintenance could be done based on subscription. But for making the corprates to switch from the existing system to this new system will be a bit difficult. The most difficult part would be to convince the developers to use the product as they are already used to their environment, and they are well known for not accepting change in their environment.

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Blogger David said...

cPanel 11 has a wysiwyg HTML editor, and a code editor built into the file manager. You can edit html, perl code, php, etc right through the web. No version controlling though.

Check out the demo at:

it's the cPanel 11 reseller demo, direct link:

4:34 AM, April 19, 2007  

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