Thursday, December 29, 2005

Startups : Rajesh Jain ,on his blog about Entrepreneurship

Good to hear that Rajesh Jain,has just completed 10 years as an entrepreneur in Mumbai, India. With 1 Hit, a few Flops, 1 Average. The Hit was IndiaWorld , India's first Internet portal which was launched in 1995, which was acquired by Sify in November 1999 for USD 115 million. He had also tried his hand unsuccefully with from 1992-1994 on: object/multimedia databases, image processing and some offshore software projects. The Average performer has been Netcore, a Linux-based messaging software company started in 1998. I also found the following quote of particular interest among his other articles on Entrepreneurship and life during the startup days.

E M E R G I C . o r g: TECH TALK: India Needs More Entrepreneurs: "First, salaries in India will rise faster than cost of living which would make it unattractive for employees working with the international majors to quit and create or join a start-up. Second, even the ones who are venturing out seem to be more focused on services than products. Third, the few in the products area seem content OEMing their creation to the market leaders rather than taking them on with full stacks. Finally, Indian companies lack vision to think big and global. I agreed with him on all four counts and added one of my own. It is well nigh impossible to do a tech, product-oriented start-up because angel and early-stage funding is simply not there."

Cheers to him ... and to his new ventures .


Blogger BUSINESS-PRO said...

hi rajesh,
I read all ur articles about business your startup history and I am very fascinated that so many tons of knowledge and skills u must have gained after struggling so much in ur business career.Really you are a great inspiration for budding enterepreneurs!

1:00 PM, February 18, 2007  
Blogger Bosky said...

Im glad you liked the article written by Mr.Rajesh Jain . I hope you understand that i just quoted him ,and I'm just the author of this blog .

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

11:58 AM, February 19, 2007  

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